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Member of the EU: since 1.1.1995

Population: > 9,000,000

Federal capital: Vienna

Federal provinces: 9

Political districts: 94

Communities: 2,096


:: Area: 83,882.32 km2 ( > 70 % of Austria’s national territory is mountainous)

:: The Eastern Alps (62.8 % of national territory)

:: The Alpine and Carpathian foothills (11.3 %)

:: The foothills in the east, the fringe of the Pannonian lowlands (11.3 %),

:: The granite and gneiss plateau, the low mountain range of the Bohemian Massif (10.2 %)

:: The Vienna Basin (4.4 %).


Due to its geographical location, the Austrian weather is characterised by a transitional

climate. While an Oceanic climate with humid westerly winds predominates in the West of

Austria, to the East, a low precipitation continental climate prevails. Moreover, the local

climate is strongly influenced by the altitude, the surface form and exposure to the prevailing

westerly weather conditions.

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