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Made in Austria – Das Buch


Warm sunlight penetrates the yellow-red brown canopy of leaves in the deciduous forest. The early fog begins to lift and rays of light tumble upon the moss-covered ground. This perfect, dreamy autumnal picture inspires numerous new ideas and compositions.

With these ideas in mind, I go outside. The autumn beckons me to embark on extended photo trips.

From the vineyards of the Pannonian Plains to the meltwater lakes in high Alpine locations, there are a multitude of autumnal motifs awaiting discovery; more than we could ever imagine.

Our forebears already knew that autumn was the best time to offer up thanks for a rich harvest. In late autumn, my digital memory stores are already completely full, but I cannot stop. Yesterday the landscape was rich in colour. Tomorrow it might already be covered in frost or snow.

The Autumn
Made in Austria – A Photographic Journey

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