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At Christmas time, a winter landscape covered in fresh snow is particularly delightful. The very first snowfall shapes the landscape. Observing the snow also makes me aware of another change, which cannot be overlooked. The last winters in these valleys were very short.

For some of my winter shots, I therefore climb hundreds of meters to get higher. The grinding-crunching sound of the hard-frozen snow beneath my feet takes me back to my youth.

In the lowlands the winter has not yet relinquished the land. White layers of ice now characterise the panorama where autumn had once left behind dark, secretive waters. Weaving a path through the mist and layers of fog, I make my way to the frosty highlights Nature has to offer.

Doline am Krippenstein mit Dachsteinmassiv im Gegenlicht der Sonne Aufgenommen
Made in Austria – Das Buch

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